Sunday, July 20, 2008


Photography has always been my passion. My Great Aunt Lucille let me play with a Brownie camera when I stayed with her during the summer months as a child. To me, the box with the funny looking glass hole was intriguing to play with.

I pretended to take pictures for the photo album on my Aunt's coffee table, then I would draw a picture of a tree on a piece of paper, add some flowers, and tell her I took a picture with the brown box.
I hope she was amused.

My first camera was a Polaroid “Swinger” instant camera that I got for Christmas in the 1960's. I took that Swinger to the first Doors concert in San Diego when the Doors were just beginning as a group and not even on the charts. I still have those few black and white pictures somewhere. Yea right, I know exactly where they are.

I always have a camera or two with me and continue to take candid moments of life. Thanks to the digital age, I am now in photo heaven.

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