Friday, August 13, 2010

Got An Email From My Bank....EIEIO

Got an email today from my bank
Telling me
That my overdraft was used.
Called my bank
Told the polite man on the other end of the phone
That I did not have an overdraft
And did not remember authorizing his bank
To take any money
Out of any of my accounts
That his bank so generously opened for me
Four years ago, with no monthly service charges,
As advertised.
I asked the polite man why his bank
All of a sudden
Was charging a service fee,
Pretty much behind my back,
When so many other banks were not?
With confidence, the man politely said
Let me take a look, let's see
Twenty-five dollars was transferred from one account
To cover a monthly service charge on your other account.
I stopped him and said
Didn't you hear me
I don't pay monthly service charges
As advertised, by your bank.
Then, I noticed another fee
For thirty-five dollars
And asked
What is that fee for?
And he said
That fee was for using your overdraft.
Now, let me get this straight
Your bank took money
Out of one of my accounts
That I rarely use,
To pay for a monthly service fee
That was never disclosed to me,
And then your bank
Charged an outrageous overdraft fee on top of that?
The nice man did not speak.
I continued,
Thieves go to jail
For taking money out of bank accounts
Without permission.
This is so wrong
Especially since your bank just got bailed out
Of an imploding debt with my taxes!
Still no comment from the nice man.
Now, a bit agitated, I told him
I do not have an overdraft
I do not want an overdraft
I do not need an overdraft
And your bank does not have my permission
To ever use an overdraft.
I know it's not your fault, you are just a puppet
But, please, Sir,
Remove the thirty-five dollar fee
Your bank imposed on my account
And put back the twenty-five dollars
Your bank illegally took out of my other account
You can also tell your bank
That this type of behavior
Is exactly the reason
Why this Country
Is so very angry
And will not
Take it

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