Thursday, January 06, 2011

a river of stones #6

Today, your shirt was the same blue colour of the sky and for a moment I saw you fade into the clouds.
1/6/2011 Stevie

a river of stones #2

I noticed her big blues eyes
slightly shift to the right
when I told her
that little white lie

even though she's only six
I knew
that she knew
I was lying

Then her eyes pierced mine
looking deep into my soul
and I was forced
to tell her the truth

Yes, Olivia
there really is
a Santa Claus
1/2/2011 Stevie

a river of stones #1

On my way home
an old 60s song
comes on the radio
I'm sixteen again
this time
I'm driving a Benz convertible
with the top down
I have money in my pocket
I do not
have to be home
by eleven
1/1/2011 Stevie