Friday, January 06, 2012

a river of stones #6 January

Not feeling well today, I decided to take it easy, read a bit and rest on the sofa. That quickly turned into a nap. I dreamt of flying with a flock of birds, the sun setting on black wings in a cloudless sky, the sound of cawing; loud, louder. Then I was in an Alfred Hitchcock movie, black birds everywhere; in the street, on the roof, still cawing even louder. When I heard their huge wings flapping far and near I realized that I wasn't dreaming anymore.

sometimes it haunts you
in dreams

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buurvrouw said...

I am delighted to see you are doing the 'river of stones' again - love the words, love the pictures.
(I have no idea where tht 'buurvrouw' comes from - it means 'meighbour' in dutch but I never used it anywhere (or am I really getting senile?)