Monday, November 11, 2013

Veterans Day - for my brother Fred

I remember the day we drove you
To the airport that dreary morn

All of us bravely smiling at you,
Young and somber in your uniform

We knew the one-way ticket ride
Was a crap-shoot you were attending

All in the name of Freedom
With the outcome terrifyingly pending

Did I ever tell you, “Thank you”
Did I ever say I’m sorry  

When you came home such a different man
When your eyes looked haunted and weary

From the things you saw and experienced
Those few years that you were away

It made a difference in all of us
For the price that you had to pay

Every day we thank our lucky stars
That you are with us still 

Unlike the boys we grew up with
Who never made it over the hill

They will forever be in our thoughts
As we think of their families

And give thanks to you and all of our Troops
That we live in a Country that’s free

Did I ever tell you, “Thank you”
Did I ever say I’m sorry

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