Saturday, January 19, 2013

Small Stone - Jan 19

It was a solemn day today, knowing that the memorial, celebration, for a childhood friend was going to close another phase of our lives.  No more going back, changing things, re-arranging things, correcting misunderstandings.  Time ran out to make things right, apologize, compliment, or just plain say those three words to tell you how I really feel.  No more explaining that all the mistakes made were mere learning tools, steppingstones to a better understanding of each other, the world, humanity.  They were just lessons that will hopefully take us all to a better place.  Well, you’re now at that better place and I’m still here, going over those lessons and misunderstandings and all, wishing I could have picked up that phone and talked to you one last time.  Just one more time. 

Damn this thing called death.

if not for winter
we could not enjoy 
the spring
dust in the wind

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