Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Small Stone - Jan 9

My mother took up Chinese Brush painting after all of her children were grown and moved out of the house.  As adults, we only saw part of the process she developed as an artist and were amazed that she had kept this talent hidden for so many years.  She even went to China and studied for three months to gain perspective of this type of watercolour that she came to love.  As I sit in her studio, visualizing the process of this Sumi technique, I pick up one of her brushes, dip it in the gray ink, then in the black ink, and imagine all that she went through to get one correct response from her brush.  Not as easy as it looks. 

I chose to use my first attempt at this type of watercolour for my Chinese New Year card in hopes that I will start at the beginning where my mother left off.

Happy New Year, Mom!

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