Sunday, January 20, 2013

Small Stone - Jan 20

This afternoon I went to the beach to take some pictures of the Tall Ship that is docked in the harbour.  As soon as I stepped onto the pier I noticed two Pelicans in the water fussing about with a little Grebe diving bird.  I couldn’t get a good look at the bird because it spent most of the time under water, fleeing from the big bad Pelicans.  So, I thought.

When the Grebe dove into the water the two Pelicans would start flapping their wings, take a few running steps to get their speed, fly over to where the little Grebe was, and then dive straight down into the water.  After watching these birds for several minutes, I figured out what they were doing.  They weren’t fussing with the little Grebe, they were collaborating a catch with the little guy!  All three of these birds would swim around together, then all of a sudden the Grebe would dive into the water and swim along the bottom for several yards while the Pelicans watched.  The Grebe was chasing the fish at the bottom of the water upwards so the Pelicans could catch them at the surface.  It was incredible to watch!

end of day
the lone fisherman’s
empty bucket

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