Monday, January 21, 2013

Small Stone - Jan 21

Today I found something that I forgot I had.  It was so well hidden that I was quite surprised to see it.  Actually, I forgot that I even had it!  Kind of like losing track of my hip bones when I was in my ninth month of pregnancy.  I guess I’ve reached that age where simplicity is attractive, refreshing, expected, inevitable.  Some of my older customers used to come into the shop to sell their treasures because they wanted to “down size”.  I could never understand those words.  How could you work your whole life and gather things that you use, and love, and treasure, and then get rid of them just because you’re older?  Okay, so my mother never got to that point, but, I sure thought about it after having to go through all of Mom’s things this past year.  Because of her declining health she is now unable to make those decisions.  So, the choice is very easy for me as what to do with this rediscovered, well-forgotten treasure.   Ebay.

mother’s house
minus all the memories
for sale

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