Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Small Stone - Jan 22

Today I visited one of my best friends.  I hadn’t seen her since I visited her in the hospital several months ago after she took a tumble down a steep embankment in her backyard.  Battling polio as a child, she developed a great positive attitude early in life so her recovery was quite quick.  Today, we shared a few songs on our iPods, talked about our kids, grandkids, caught up on all that was going on in our lives, and then we started talking about her flight in the backyard.  She was pruning some roses along the bank in her mobile scooter when her hand hit the wrong gear and the scooter took off over the bank, with her on it.  The scooter was heavy so it rolled down the bank as she was tossed up in the air.  While she was telling her story she had that look in her eye and started to laugh.  That made me start to giggle and prompted me to ask her what in the world was she thinking as she went over the bank?

“I was flying, and it was really nice!  And I thought, this is what it must feel like to be an angel!”

We were both laughing out loud now and I couldn’t resist, “You had that much time to think about it?”

She was still laughing when she said, “Yeah, it was great, until I hit the ground!

Cleo is well and healed, and so full of positive energy and life, and will be 92 in April.

you can only know
the true age of an oak tree
by counting its rings

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