Friday, January 04, 2013

Small Stone - Jan 4

Going through a box of Mom’s papers I came across an old diary of hers from the 1980s.  The entry was made a few days after I came into town for a visit.  

“April 8, 1983
Steff and I went shopping in Mission Valley after I got through at the office.  We went into our favorite place, Bullocks, to look around and have a cup of tea.  The restaurant had closed at 3:00 so we went to Newberry’s to see if the Folks were there.  They weren’t but, the mashed potatoes, rolls and butter, pie and tea were.  Even though we could barely move after our “tea time”, we left to look around a little more before it was time to leave.  We wandered into Sebu, where I still had a credit of $70, noticed that they were going out of business and I bought these two diaries for us.  We had such a lovely time today, wish she would move back.”

the waning moon
in my tea leaves


a said...

Heartfelt journal entry and lovely haiku. Andrea

Stevie said...

Thank you, Andrea!