Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Small Stone - Jan 8

Today is trash day.  Each year I notice fewer and fewer real Christmas trees out on the curb after the holidays.   I think I counted three trees from my house to the store.  I remember when there was a Christmas tree next to each trashcan in our old neighborhood.  Every year we would drag our neighbor’s trees to the canyon and make a big fort, play cowboys and Indians, and come home late for supper.  And, every year, we would get in trouble for going to the canyon when we weren’t supposed to.   It was really hard to fib about where we were, reeking of pine and sap and all those needles in our hair.

winter blues
the eight year old
glued to his iPad


awoodlandrose said...

Nice Stevie. Nothing like the scent of pine on your sleeve. Andrea

Stevie said...

Yes, indeed, Andrea!